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The following is a greeting given in one of the 20 indigenous languages recognized by the State of Alaska.

Ade' ndadz dengit'a?
(Deg Xinag)
"Hello, how are you?"

Alaska Seafood Industry Trends Articles

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Alaska’s Community Development Quota Groups (November 2014)

Winter Fisheries in Alaska (February 2014)

Fishing Jobs Up Slightly in 2012 (November 2013)

Alaska’s Salmon Hatcheries (November 2013)

Alaska’s Fishermen (November 2012)

Long Hours on the ’Slime Line’ (November 2012)

Fish Harvesting in Alaska (November 2011)

Employment in the Seafood Industry (November 2010)

Employment in Alaska’s Seafood Industry (November 2009)

Employment in Alaska’s Fisheries (November 2008)

Seafood Industry Data (June 2007)

Fish Harvesting Employment (December 2006)

Employment in the Alaska Fisheries (February 2006)

Alaska’s Traveling Seafood Workforce (February 2006)

Employment in the Alaska Fisheries (December 2004)

The Global Salmon Industry (October 2003)

Seafood Processing Leads Rebound in New Hires During First Quarter of 1997 (December 1997)

Alaska Seafood Processing– A Growing Job Source? (March 1996)

Alaska’s Commercial Fishing Employment (September 1994)

Prospects for Aquaculture Diversification in Alaska (July 1987)

Working in the Fishing Industry (July 1987)

Surimi Production in Alaska (January 1986)

Fish Harvesting and Fish Processing in Alaska 1982 (February 1985)

Alaska Fish Harvesting Employment (September 1983)

Alaska’s New Commercial Fishing & Agriculture Bank (July 1979)

A Discussion Of The Potential For Expanding Into An Alaskan Bottomfish Industry (August 1978)

The Salmon Industry (October 1975)

Alaska’s Poor Salmon Outlook (March 1974)

1974 Salmon Outlook Dismal (February 1974)

Imports of Alaskan Pollock Increase (September 1973)

Alaska Fishermen’s Fund (May 1973)

The Future of Fishing in Kodiak (August 1972)

Alaska’s Salmon Industry in a Controlled Environment (October 1971)

Shrimp Landings Continue High (February 1971)

Oil Lease Sale, Pipe Coating Contract Let, Salmon Catch to Decline, Importance of Halibut Increasing (December 1970)

Large Seafood Plant for Kodiak, Salmon Pack Second Best in Twenty Years, Salmon Roe Market Expanding, Reindeer Industry Expanding, Timber Harvest Down, Rowen to Seek Seafloor Gold, Dillingham to Get Manpower Center (October 1970)

Alaska’s Population Shows 30 Percent Gain, Rural Alaska Data Available, Port Facilities in Homer to be Expanded, Herring Fishery on the Rise, Petersburg Fish Hatchery, Copper Deposit Sought (September 1970)

Teachers to be Trained for Rural Schools, Shellfish Landings Up, Foreign Trade Surges Ahead (August 1970)

Alaska First in Value of Fisheries, Oilfield Contract to Brown and Root, Work at Snettisham, Mineral Exploration Up, Alaska’s Personal Income Rises, Alaska’s Cost of Living Up, Korea Exploring Investment, Population Grows (May 1970)

Kodiak Shrimp Landings Up 34 Percent (April 1970)

Big Salmon Catch Expected, Freezer Barge Completed, Uranium Found in Southeast Alaska, Denali Copper Venture, Oil Company Expenses (April 1970)

Crude Oil Production Tops 74 Million Barrels, New Pipe to Cope with Oil Spills, Rural Alaskans on the North Slope, Shipper to Triple Alaska Service, Cold Storage for Yakutat, Razor Clams to be Harvested, Market Outlook for Alaska Salmon (March 1970)

Alaska’s Exports Up 68 Percent in 1969, Japanese to Bid on North Slope Lands, Kaiser Steel Corp. Investigating Arctic Coal, Seward Fish Plant Expands, Manpower Training Programs, Manpower Outlook (February 1970)

Alaska’s Personal Income up 10 Percent, Alaska Peat Moss Company, Marcona Corporation Studying Mining Complex, Fishing Cooperative Grants, Cold Storage in Dillingham, Oil Strike in Canada Predicted, Kenai Lumber Company, 1969 Mineral Production (January 1970)

Job Growth, Training and Jobs for Rural Alaskans, Oklahoma Welder’s Union and the Pipeline, Karluk Fish Processing Plant, Humble Oil to Start Hard Rock Mining Exploration, Cortella Coal Corporation, Lumber Exports, Bethel Hotel (October 1969)

Seward Skill Center, Department of Defense HIRE Program, Alaska Based Companies and the Pipeline, ACS Employees, Prudhoe Bay Oil, Bristol Bay Salmon Catch, Frozen Halibut Shipments, Arctic-Yukon-Kuskokwim Salmon Catch, Tourists (September 1969)

Work Incentive Program, Kotzebue Manpower Center, Hydaburg Cooperative Cannery, Air Transportation Industry, Bristol Bay Salmon Run, Corporations in Alaska, Exploratory Drilling for Oil in Gulf of Alaska (August 1969)

Disadvantaged Alaskans, Commercial Fishing Industry, Talkeetna Satellite Earth Station, Haines and Skagway Airport Upgrades, Soldotna Seafood Employer, Seward Chosen as Base of Supply, Japonski Island Bridge, New Factory in Palmer (May 1969)

Fairbanks Today, Cedar Mill in Klawock, Iron Deposits in the Snettisham Area, Klukwan Iron Deposits, Adak Crab Boats, High School Construction Programs (April 1969)

Population Growth, Exports, Canned Shrimp Production, Fishermen Income, Japan’s Demand for Coal, Copper Prospect Near Denali, Rural Development Grants (March 1969)

Agreement to Build Pipeline, Potential Fabrication Plant in Fairbanks, Population Forecast, North Slope Contracts with Alaska Construction Company, Seward Scallop Processing Plant, 1968 Fires, Airline Numbers (February 1969)

Employment Tops 100,000, Personal Income Increase, Peat Moss Plant in Juneau, Cruiseliners to Visit, Shellfish Industry Consolidation, Grant to Build Road in Quinhagak, Golovin Reindeer Processing Company, Sitka Pulp Mill (January 1969)

Snettisham Dam, Nikiski Refinery, Prudhoe Bay Topping Plant, Amchitka Island Nuclear Test Site, North Slope Winter Road Construction, Petersburg Airport, Salmon Catch, Southeast Halibut Harvest, Water System Grant for Mendenhall Valley, School Enrollment, Sitkalidak Mink Farm (November 1968)

Crude Oil Production, Cordova Coal Company, Forest Products Exports, Nome Reindeer Processing Plant, Kodiak Shrimp and Crab Processing Plant, Kodiak Jet Fuel Facility, Interior Highway Construction, REA Loan for Service to Remote Villages, Car and Truck Sales (October 1968)

Kenai Liquid Gas Plant, North Slope Exploratory Drilling Rigs, Kodiak Island Slaughtering Houses, Matanuska Valley Potatoes, Kodiak Scallop Fishing, Barrow Air Strip, REA Funds to Clark’s Point and Newhalen, Tlingit Indian Folklore File (September 1968)

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