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Stock Clerks and Order Fillers (43-5081)

Receive, store, and issue sales floor merchandise, materials, equipment, and other items from stockroom, warehouse, or storage yard to fill shelves, racks, tables, or customers' orders. May mark prices on merchandise and set up sales displays. Excludes Laborers and Freight, Stock, and Material Movers, Hand (53-7062), and Shipping, Receiving, and Traffic Clerks (43-5071).
Employment and Job Openings
EmploymentAverage Annual Openings
2018 Estimate2028 ProjectionPercent ChangeLabor Force ExitsOccupation TransfersTotal
Alaska 2769 2872 3.72 143 233 386
United States 2056600 2091300 0.0 105000 171100 279500

No wage data is available