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Credit Authorizers, Checkers, and Clerks (43-4041)

Authorize credit charges against customers' accounts. Investigate history and credit standing of individuals or business establishments applying for credit. May interview applicants to obtain personal and financial data; determine credit worthiness; process applications; and notify customers of acceptance or rejection of credit.
Employment and Job Openings
EmploymentAverage Annual Openings
2018 Estimate2028 ProjectionPercent ChangeLabor Force ExitsOccupation TransfersTotal
Alaska 32 32 0 1 2 3
United States 30300 28900 0.0 900 2000 2800
Job Outlook for Alaska: Alaska’s employment growth is low with low employment opportunities.
2021 Wages
Mean WageWage by Percentile
United States 21.42 14.35 17.74 21.49 23.38 29.61

* indicates the estimate is not available, or the hourly wage is greater than $100, or the annual wage is greater than $208,000.