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Materials Engineers (17-2131)

Evaluate materials and develop machinery and processes to manufacture materials for use in products that must meet specialized design and performance specifications. Develop new uses for known materials. Includes those engineers working with composite materials or specializing in one type of material, such as graphite, metal and metal alloys, ceramics and glass, plastics and polymers, and naturally occurring materials. Includes metallurgists and metallurgical engineers, ceramic engineers, and welding engineers.
Employment and Job Openings
EmploymentAverage Annual Openings
2018 Estimate2028 ProjectionPercent ChangeLabor Force ExitsOccupation TransfersTotal
Alaska 35 43 22.86 1 2 4
United States 27700 27700 0.0 600 1200 1700
Job Outlook for Alaska: Alaska’s employment growth is robust with low employment opportunities.
2021 Wages
Mean WageWage by Percentile
United States 49.02 29.12 36.85 47.26 61.11 77.44
Alaska 58.74 30.12 37.38 59.13 63.11 91.31

* indicates the estimate is not available, or the hourly wage is greater than $100, or the annual wage is greater than $208,000.