How To Use The Industry/Occupation Cheat Sheet

The industry cheat sheet lists occupations that are specific to an industry. It simplifies the task of finding occupations by weeding out the hundreds of occupations that are not employed in an industry. An expandable section below each occupation provides a description, examples, and helpful hints.

If your company is involved in more than one industry, check all applicable cheat sheets to code your employees.

Choose your industry  Drill down to the specific industry using the three dropdowns. In this example we'll get the cheat sheet for full-service restaurants.

The three dropdowns

Depiction of three drop down boxes on cheat sheet page

First, choose the desired industry sector from dropdown 1. In this case “Accommodation and Food Services”.

Second, choose the desired industry group from dropdown 2. In this case “Food Services and Drinking Places”.

Third, choose the specific industry from dropdown 3. In this case “Full-Service Restaurants”.

Finally, press GO. The cheat sheet for “Full-Service Restaurants” will be displayed.

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