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The following is a greeting given in one of the 20 indigenous languages recognized by the State of Alaska.

Ade' ndadz dengit'a?
(Deg Xinag)
"Hello, how are you?"

Research and Analysis Contact Information

Research and Analysis has two locations:

Phone: 907.465.4500
Fax: 907.523.9654

Physical Address:
1111 W. 8th Street, Room 301
Juneau, AK 99801

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 115501
Juneau, AK 99811-5501
Fax: 907.269.4870

Physical Address:
3301 Eagle Street, Ste 202
Anchorage, AK 99503

Research and Analysis Staff

Email addresses for individual staff are available from the state maintained employee directory.

Bauer, Adam907.465.2054
Brooks, Liz907.465.5970
Douglas, Ross907.465.6041
Dusenberry, Nicole907.465.6024
Fried, Neal (Anchorage)907.269.4861
Howell, David907.465.6029
Hughes-Skandijs, Kirsa907.465.2771
Jenkins, Samantha907.465.6015
Jones, Andrea907.465.2716
Kreiger, Rob907.465.6031
Lee, Jennifer (Anchorage)907.465.6034
Lee, Yuancie907.465.6026
Luhrs, Jenna907.465.6038
Martz, Paul907.465.6028
Nielsen, Ann907.465.4501
Robinson, Dan907.465.6040
Sandberg, Eric907.465.2437
Stimpfle, Erik907.465.6036
Teel, Sara907.465.6027
Warren, Josh907.465.6032
Weller, Lennon907.465.4507
Whitney, Sara907.465.6561
Wiebold, Karinne907.465.6039
Contact Information by Program

Click on the program to get the contact information.

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Occupational Forecasts
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