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Alaska Grads, 10 Years Later (April 2017)

How Educated are Alaskans? (March 2017)

Alaska Apprenticeships (March 2016)

Alaska’s High School Graduates (June 2012)

Alaska’s Registered Apprenticeships (July 2011)

Tracking Alaska’s Students (June 2010)

Apprenticeships in Alaska (February 2009)

Training for Jobs in the Energy Industry (July 2006)

A model for mine training (May 2006)

Making It in the Big City (April 2006)

The State Training and Employment Program (August 2002)

Training Programs (June 2002)

Workforce Investment Act (March 2000)

Alaska Skill Center (May 1977)

Hutchison Career Development Center (February 1977)

The Anchorage Career Center (April 1975)

Manpower Training in Alaska (December 1972)

Training Alaskans for Jobs of the Future (November 1971)

Skill Center Trains Alaska’s Disadvantaged (July 1971)

Final Census Figures Available, Government Employment to Continue 1960’s Trend (December 1970)

Teachers to be Trained for Rural Schools, Shellfish Landings Up, Foreign Trade Surges Ahead (August 1970)

North Slope Gas Pipelines Study, North Slope Development Plans, Oil Industry Sealift, Kuskokwim River King Salmon Season, Neighborhood Youth Corps, AFN to Sponsor Training, Smaller Communities Program (July 1970)

Residents Being Recruited for Oilfield Training (April 1970)

Alaska’s Exports Up 68 Percent in 1969, Japanese to Bid on North Slope Lands, Kaiser Steel Corp. Investigating Arctic Coal, Seward Fish Plant Expands, Manpower Training Programs, Manpower Outlook (February 1970)

Oil Industry to Train and Hire Alaskans, Apprenticeship for Native Youths, Deadhorse Air Strip, Major Hotel to be Built in Juneau, Agreement for Construction of Road to North Slope, Application to Construct Valdez Tanker Terminal, Explosive Company to Establish Facilities in Alaska (December 1969)

JOBS Program, Hard Rock Mineral Exploration Office in Ketchikan, Hickel Highway, Halibut Fishery, Big Bear Refinery, North Slope Industrial Park, New Sawmill, Swanson River Oil Field (November 1969)

Job Growth, Training and Jobs for Rural Alaskans, Oklahoma Welder’s Union and the Pipeline, Karluk Fish Processing Plant, Humble Oil to Start Hard Rock Mining Exploration, Cortella Coal Corporation, Lumber Exports, Bethel Hotel (October 1969)

Seward Skill Center, Department of Defense HIRE Program, Alaska Based Companies and the Pipeline, ACS Employees, Prudhoe Bay Oil, Bristol Bay Salmon Catch, Frozen Halibut Shipments, Arctic-Yukon-Kuskokwim Salmon Catch, Tourists (September 1969)

Alaska Lumber Contract, Log Exports, Metlakatla Sawmill, Contract for Tanker Terminal, Red Devil Mine, Training Program for Rural Alaskans, Contract to Insulate Pipeline, State Revenues (July 1969)

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