Calypso Farm & Ecology Center

Apprenticeship Program

PO Box 106
Ester, AK 99725



Phone: 907.451.0691

Calypso Farm and Ecology Center is a non-profit, educational farm based in Ester, Alaska. They offer apprenticeships and internships to those interested in pursuing a life in farming.

Education Programs

Agriculture, agriculture operations, and related sciences

All About Seeds and Starts
Beginning Organic Gardening
Container Gardening
Drip Irrigation Basics
Exploring Vegetable Varieties
Field Trips
Garden Planning with Kids
Know Your Soils
Planning a Home-Scale Food Production Garden
Preserving Your Harvest Through Fermentation
Raising and Butchering Meat Birds
Raising Chickens, Goats and Sheep
Root Cellar Basics
Seed Saving
Starting a Home Garden CSA
Wool Basics and Sheep Shearing
Worm Composting

Personal and culinary services

Baking in a Wood-fired Oven

Visual and performing arts

Basic Blacksmithing Tools: Forging Tongs
Basic Blacksmithing Tools: Tool steel - Chisel and Punch
Beginning Spinning
Blacksmithing – Forging Handles – Twisting and Bending
Blacksmithing Overview and Forging Hooks: Drawing out
Blacksmithing, Forging Fire Forks: Chiseling and drawing out
Blacksmithing, Forging Spoons: Upsetting and Swaging
Dried Flowers and Wreath Making
Explore Cut Flowers
Fleece to Finish
Intermediate Spinning
Natural Dyeing from the Garden
Needle Felting
Viking Knife: Tool Steel - Create Blades and Sharpen
Wet Felting
Wool Dyeing Techniques