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Wisdom and Associates offers classes for multiple building industry trades. Students can gain continuing education credit, various certifications, and keep up to date on the latest in codes and research from the field.

Education Programs

Architecture and related services

Introduction to Building Science
Introduction to Indoor Air Quality

Business, management, marketing, and related support service

NAHB's Business Management for Building Professionals

Construction trades

2009 International Residential Code, Part 1
2009 Uniform Plumbing Code
2009 Uniform Plumbing Code, Alternative Pipe Sizing Methods
2009 Uniform Plumbing Code, Water Heaters
2012 International Residential Code
2012 International Residential Code, Part 2
2012 Uniform Plumbing Code
2012 Uniform Plumbing Code, Water Heaters
Advanced Blower Door
Advanced Building Science
AEE - Certified Energy Auditor Class
Basic Blower Door
Basic Building Science
Basic Building Science Review
Basic Math Skills
Benchmarking & Utility Analysis
Benchmarking & Utility Analysis - AHFC Sponsored
Blower Door & Pressure Diagnostics
BPI Field Testing Procedure Review
Building Compliance Certification 2012
Building Science Review
Building Techniques for Cold Climates
Building Techniques for Cold Climates & Residential Endorsement Test Prep
Commissioning & Retro-Commissioning - AHFC Sponsored
Domestic Water Heating & Consumption
Domestic Water Heating & Consumption - AHFC Sponsored
Energy Efficient Retrofits of Existing Buildings (Module 9) - AHFC Sponsored
ICF Wall Requirements - AHFC Sponsored
Introduction & History to Green Building & Environmental Issues - AHFC Sponsored
Is this House Sick?
Killer Houses: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Lead Safety for Repairs, Renovations & Painting - Alaska
Lighting Retrofit Fundamentals
Lighting Retrofit Fundamentals - AHFC Sponsored
NAHB's Green Building for Building Professionals
Negative Pressure Imbalances
Overview of the BEES Ventiliation Standard
Policy & Codes That Support Energy - AHFC Sponsored
Remote Wall Systems
Residential Endorsement Test Prep Course
Residential Lighting & Efficiency
Roofs - AHFC Sponsored
Sizing of Heating Systems with AkWarm
The Economics of Energy Efficiency - Financial Costs & Benefits - AHFC Sponsored
Thermal Envelope & Heating Analysis
Thermal Envelope & Heating Analysis - AHFC Sponsored
Understanding Building Energy Use/Building Behavior - AHFC Sponsored

Mechanic and repair technologies/technicians

2009 International Mechanical Code
2012 International Mechanical Code, Part 1
2012 International Mechanical Code, Part 2
A Review of the BEES Ventilation Standard
Advanced AKWarm
Advanced Heating
Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps
Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps - AHFC Sponsored
Air Sealing & Vapor Barrier Details
Air Tightness 1
Alaska’s Commercial Energy & Ventilation Standard - AHFC Sponsored
Alaska’s Energy & Ventilation Standard
Balancing HRVs
Combustion Safety Testing
Duct Diagnostics - AHFC Sponsored
Forced Air & HRV Duct Design
Heat Pumps & Alternative Energy Sources
Heating Systems
Heating, Ventilation & Motors
Heating, Ventilation & Motors - AHFC Sponsored
HRV Duct Design - AHFC Sponsored
Indoor Air Quality
Manual J Heat Load Design
Ventilation Retrofit
Ventilation Strategies