Population-related Alaska Economic Trends Articles

Population– New Estimates (April 2015)

Foreign—Born Alaskans (March 2015)

Alaskans In Their Twenties (September 2014)

Alaskans Who Live Alone (June 2014)

Alaska’s Asians and Pacific Islanders (February 2014)

Anchorage Neighborhoods (September 2013)

The Alaska Native Population (April 2013)

Home–Grown Workers (March 2013)

Alaska’s Hispanic Population (February 2013)

The Shift to an Older Alaska (August 2012)

Alaska’s Highly Migratory Population (April 2012)

The Makeup of Alaska’s Population (June 2011)

Alaska’s 2009 Population (April 2010)

Anchorage Migration (February 2010)

The 2010 Census (December 2009)

The U.S. Economy and Alaska Migration (June 2009)

Alaska’s 2008 Population (May 2009)

Census 2010 (November 2008)

A Picture of Alaska’s Population (March 2007)

Internal Migration and Income (May 2005)

Migration (July 2004)

Population (March 2004)

Census Data on Race (July 2003)

Education in Alaska (December 2002)

Race and Ethnicity in Alaska (October 2001)

U.S. Census 2000 (March 2000)

Highlights: Alaska Population Overview: 1995 Estimates (July 1996)

1993 Population Estimates for Alaska (October 1994)

Problematic Population Enumerating (July 1994)

1990 Census (December 1989)

Alaska’s Native Population: An Updated Profile (December 1988)

Population Growth and Migration in Alaska (February 1987)

Population Growth and Migration in Alaska (October 1985)

Special Census Results For Oil Related Worksites in the North Slope Borough (March 1983)

Population Growth Slows During 1973 (January 1974)

Alaska Population and Labor Force Characteristics and Trends (January 1972)

Population Growth, Exports, Canned Shrimp Production, Fishermen Income, Japan’s Demand for Coal, Copper Prospect Near Denali, Rural Development Grants (March 1969)

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