Alaska Specific Occupations

If you have any workers in the occupations below, assign the corresponding codes.


SOC CodeTitleDefinition
253099.01Substitute Teachers, except Postsecondary Act as a temporary substitute for teachers other then postsecondary.
259041.01Special Education Teacher Assistants Perform duties that are instructional in nature and deliver direct services to educationally and physically handicapped students or parents. Does not have ultimate responsibility for the educational programs and services.


SOC CodeTitleDefinition
434199.01Election Workers Check voter information, distribute ballots, and assist voters if needed. May count ballots and prepare official records.


SOC CodeTitleDefinition
451011.05First-Line Supervisors and Managers of Logging Workers Directly supervise and coordinate the activities of logging workers, such as fallers, choker setters, chasers, rigging slingers and yarder engineers.
454021.01Choker Setters and Chasers Fasten or release choker cable around logs. Trim limbs from fallen trees using axes and chainsaws. Include “Rigging Slingers”.

Mining (except Oil and Gas)

SOC CodeTitleDefinition
493042.01Mechanics, Mine Machinery Repair, adjust and maintain mine machinery such as pumps, compressors, pneumatic tools, conveyors, drilling and cutting machines, and mining cars.

Seafood Processing

SOC CodeTitleDefinition
511011.01First-Line Supervisors and Managers of Seafood Processing Workers Supervise and coordinate the activities of workers processing fish, shellfish or other seafood products. Oversee quality control procedures. May train or instruct workers. May perform the duties of a buyer's representative. Exclude team or work leaders.
513022.05Meat, Poultry, and Fish Cutters and Trimmers Use hand tools to perform routine cutting and trimming of meat, poultry, and fish.
513092.01Surimi Technicians Set up and operate processing equipment used in the production and packing of surimi. Monitor the quality of the product. May sort and grade fish.
513092.02Fish Roe Technicians Sort and grade fish eggs (roe) by size, color, condition, or weight. Harvest, process, and pack roe. Monitor the quality of the product.
519032.05BAADER Machine Setters, Operators and Tenders Set up, operate or tend machines that cut, slice, debone, fillet, or skin seafood. Maintain and repair equipment.


SOC CodeTitleDefinition
536099.02Air Transportation Workers, All Other Include all air transportation workers not listed separately.
536099.05Water Workers, All Other Include all water transportation workers not listed separately.