Licensing Authority

Municipality of Anchorage
Transportation Inspection Division
4501 Elmore Rd. Room 103
Anchorage, AK, 99507
phone: 907.786.8525
fax: 907.249.8091


License $65
Biennial license renewal $65
Urinalysis report $35
Physical exam $105 (approximately)
Fingerprinting for Criminal Report $60
Chauffeur training school $35 (approximately)
Chauffeur road training $40 (approximately)


Applicants must be at least 19 years of age and possess a valid Alaska driver's license. Must not have been convicted of DWI, reckless driving, or driving with license suspended or revoked within the past 12 months. Must not be required to register in any State as a Sexual Offender. Must pass an examination covering knowledge of the Anchorage area and Municipal CodeTitle 11. Applicants must be fingerprinted, undergo drug testing, and obtain a physical from a licensed physician.

Number of Licenses on December 31, 2013

Not available, contact the licensing agency.

Last updated May 2014.