Private Detective Agency

Licensing Authority

Municipality of Anchorage
Municipal Clerk's Office
P.O. Box 196650
Anchorage, AK, 99519 -6650
phone: 907.343.4316
fax: 907.343.4313


License $100
Biennial renewal $100 - renewed October 1


Applicants for a private detective agency license must provide a copy of their State of Alaska business license and their present and previous occupations as well as the names and addresses of their present and former employers. Applicants must also provide a name background search obtained from the Alaska State Troopers at their own expense.

Employees of the agency, private detectives, must be at least 18 years of age; not be addicted to narcotics, dangerous drugs, or intoxicants; not have been convicted of a felony within the previous two years, or a misdemeanor within one year, involving assault or dangerous weapons; and have not been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude, assault with a dangerous weapon, traffic in narcotics or dangerous drugs, or traffic in women for immoral purposes within ten years.

Completed background check by the State of Alaska Department of Public Safety located at 5700 E Tudor Rd, 2nd Floor, Anchorage. Public Safety requires two Forms of ID. Payment for the background check is by cash or check only. For more information about the background check, contact the Department of Public Safety at (907) 269-5511. The background check must be faxed directly to the Clerk's Office from The Department of Public Safety.

Number of Licenses on December 31, 2014


Last updated May 2015.