Nursing Home Administrator

Licensing Authority

Alaska Department of Commerce, Community & Economic Development
Division of Corporations, Business, and Professional Licensing
Regulation of Nursing Home Administrators
P.O. Box 110806
Juneau, AK, 99811 -0806
phone: 907.465.2695
fax: 907.465.2974


Permanent License:

  • Nonrefundable Application fee $125
  • License $250
  • Biennial renewal $250

Provisional License:

  • Application fee $100
  • License fee $125


Applicant needs a bachelor's degree or higher in health care or a business related field from an accredited college, one year of administrative experience in a health care institution, and to have passed the National Association of Boards of Examiners for Long-Term Care Administrators (NAB) exam. Exam testing via Computer Based Testing (CBT) became effective January 1, 2000.

Number of Licenses on December 31, 2015


Last updated January 2016.