Investment Broker-Dealer and Related Occupations

Licensing Authority

Alaska Department of Commerce, Community & Economic Development
Division of Banking and Securities
P.O. Box 110807
Juneau, AK, 99811 -0807
phone: 907.465.2521
fax: 907.465.1230


Broker-Dealer Agent

  • Registration: $75
  • Annual Renewal: $75


  • Registration: $250
  • Annual Renewal: $250

State Investment Adviser

  • Registration: $250
  • Annual Renewal: $250

Federal Covered Adviser

  • Registration: $250
  • Annual Renewal: $250

Investment Adviser Representative

  • Registration: $75
  • Annual Renewel: $75

  • Applicants are required to pass a uniform nationwide exam given by the FINRA. Contact the division for specific state exam requirements.
  • Investment advisers who manage less than 100 million dollars in assets are state registered and supervised. If an investment adviser's assets are 100 million dollars or more, they are registered and supervised through the SEC, although they must file a registration notice with Alaska. All persons representing an investment adviser must be appropriately registered in Alaska.
  • Section of law is AS 45.55, and regulation under 3 AAC 08.

Number of Licenses on December 31, 2013

80,327 Broker-Dealer Agents doing business in Alaska (includes agents residing within and outside Alaska)
1,206 Broker-Dealers Firms
720 Investment Adviser Firms
449 Federal Covered Advisers
1,167 Investment Adviser Representatives

Last updated May 2014.