Emergency Medical Technician

Licensing Authority

Alaska Department of Health & Social Services
Division of Public Health
Emergency Program Section/EMS
P.O. Box 110616
Juneau, AK, 99811 -0616
phone: 907.465.5467
fax: 907.465.4101
email: carin.marter@alaska.gov


Exam $25 initial and recertification
$10.00 written examination retest

  • Applicants for emergency trauma technician (ETT) need a minimum of 40 hours of training. (note: ETT is not a level of certification)
  • Applicants for EMT-I need 120 hours of training and a CPR credential.
  • EMT-II applicants need 170 total hours of training (120 hrs of EMT-1 plus 50 hrs of EMT-2), have at least 10 patient contacts and state certification at EMT-I level.
  • EMT-III applicants need 220 total hours of training (120 hrs of EMT-1 plus 50 hrs of EMT-2, plus 50 hrs of EMT-3), have at least 10 patient contacts, to have performed at least 10 venipunctures, and state certification at EMT-II level. Written and practical exams must be passed at each level.

See 7 AAC 26.010 - 26.999 for detailed qualifications for certification

Number of Licenses on December 31, 2014

3,194 EMT-I
906 EMT-II
265 EMS instructors

Last updated April 2015.