Licensing Authority

Department of Education & Early Development
Teacher Education and Certification
PO Box 110500
Juneau, AK, 99811 -0500
phone: 907.465.2831
fax: 907.465.2441
email: tcwebmail@alaska.gov

  • Background check $60
  • Certificates:
    • Type regular, provisional, or temporary $125. Initial, Professional and Master Teacher are $125. Renewal of regular Type B, C, Professional B, C or Master $125 and six semester hours of continuing education (three in upper division or graduate level).
    • Type M limited $125. Renewal $125 and proof of employment in local school district and continued experience
    • Type M-CTE $125. Renewal $125. An individual who was issued a one-year CTE Type M must provide the department with passing scores on a BCE and a letter of recommendation from their district in order for their certificate to be continued for an additional four years.
    • Type E early childhood $125. Renewal $125 and six semester hours in the field or, for Associate I, renewal of CDA.
    • Type R retired $165. Valid for life


The following certificates are available:
1) Initial Teacher, Professional Teacher, Master Teacher
2) Type B Administrative
3) Type C Special services
4) Type M Limited
5) Type M- CTE (Career and Technical Education)
6) Type E Early Childhood
7) Type R Retired
8) Type V Reemployment is only available for Type B and Type C certificates.
9) Type Q Preliminary- No longer available.
10) Subject Matter Expert Limited- No longer available.

Professional Teacher, B, and C certificates may be issued for five years if applicants complete an approved teacher education, administration, or related services program, respectively, and three semester hours each of Alaska Studies and multicultural education or cross-cultural communication (from an approved list) or Type B and C may be issued as a two year provisional certificate if all requirements are met except the Alaska Studies and multicultural education or cross-cultural communication.

Type M limited and M-CTE certificates are issued in one of the following areas: vocational trades, Alaska Native language or culture, or military science. These five year certificates are issued on the basis of experience and the request of the employing school district and are valid only in the requesting district. Type M-CTE requires the completion of an approved basic competency exam.

Type E certificates are issued for Early Education Associates I and II. The former isbased on completion of a 30-hour college program or CDA, and the latter requires anAssociate I and an approved AA degree in early childhood education. Type E certificatesare valid for five years.

Retired certificates are issued for life to an applicant who possesses a valid Alaska Teaching certificate upon retirementfrom teaching.

Reemployment certificates are issued to applicants who previously held Type B or C certificates which expired more than 12 months prior to current application.

One-year Initial teacher certificates are issued to applicants who have never held a valid Alaska certificate, have not met the competency test requirement, and who currently hold a valid out-of-state certificate.

Three year Initial teacher certificates are issued to teachers who have met the basic competency requirement, have completed the Alaska studies and multicultural requirements.

All initial applicants are required to submit one fingerprint card and undergo a background check. Institutional recommendations are required for initial Types B, C, Initial and Professional to add additional endorsements. Applicants for Initial teacher certification must request directly from ETS official report of passing PRAXIS I to be sent directly, or include an official examinee score report of an approved basic competency examination. Initial teacher certificates may be issued to people with at least a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution and who are enrolled in an approved teacher preparation program.

Number of Licenses on December 31, 2014

Total teaching certificates: 23,778

  • Initial Teacher, Professional Teacher, Master Teacher: 18,287
  • Type B administrative: 1,970
  • Type C special services: 1,802
  • Type E early childhood: 4
  • Type M limited - vocational education, JROTC, AK Native languages and cultures: 219
  • Type R retired: 1,322
  • Emergency: 21
  • Advanced Type C: 153

Last updated May 2014.