Census and Geographic Information

Population, Social, Economic and Housing data are collected and tabulated by the US Census Bureau for the decennial census and American Community Survey. Population estimates for years between censuses are published by the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Research and Analysis Section.


2010 Census Demographic Profile
Total Population, Age, Race, Population by Household Type and Housing Units

2010 Census Redistricting Data (PL94-171) Summary File
Population and Housing Unit data (based on the 2010 Census boundaries)

1880-2000 Historical Census Data
Population, social, economic and housing data for Alaska and communities (geographic boundaries are as of the census year)

Census Maps
Census boundary maps and GIS data

American Community Survey

Selected detailed social, economic and housing data tables available from the American Community Survey (ACS is an ongoing household survey replacing the traditional long form used in previous decennial censuses). All ACS data are survey estimates and are released annually.

ACS data should be used for information not included in the decennial census data or the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development Population Estimates.

2010-2014 5-Year Estimates (all geographic areas)
Boroughs/Census Areas
Cities and Census Designated Areas (CDPs)
Alaska Native Statistical Areas (ANSVAs)
Alaska Native Regional Corporations
Census Tracts

2014 1-Year Estimates (geographic areas of 65,000 or more)
Anchorage Municipality
Fairbanks North Star Borough
Matanuska-Susitna Borough
Cook Inlet Native Regional Corporation
Doyon Native Regional Corporation
Sealaska Native Regional Corporation

Note: Additional Decennial Census and American Community Survey data may be found at the US Census Bureau’s website: American FactFinder.

If you have questions about accessing census data, contact our office:
Census and Geographic Information Network

About the Alaska Census and Geographic Information Network
The Census and Geographic Information Network within the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development has had a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Census Bureau since 1981. We assist the Bureau with census geographic programs and disseminate data when it is released. In addition to our office in Juneau, we have 10 state and local government agencies creating a network across the state to also provide assistance to the Bureau and answer data requests for their specific areas.

You are welcome to contact our office or any network affiliate for information regarding census programs, the release of data, or if you have any geography questions.

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