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The Alaska Building Science Network (ABSN) offers training designed to promote energy efficiency in Alaska housing. Some of the class titles they offer include: Boiler Maintenance Workshop, Blower Door Certification, Passive Ventilation, and Cold Climate Homebuilding.

Education Programs

Business, management, marketing, and related support service

Integration of Ideas for the Development of Future Research Agenda
Peak Oil - Recent Developments on the Road to Peak Oil
The Natural Step: How Cities and Towns Can Change to Sustainable Practices

Construction trades

Advanced Framing Techniques
AK Warm - Energy Use Software, an Introduction for Builders
AK Warm Basics 101
AKWarm for Building Energy Design and Analysis
Anatomy of a Cold Weather Window: 2-Hour
Anatomy of a Cold Weather Window: 8-Hour
Appropriate Sustainable Design of Buildings and Constructions
BEES - Alaska Building Energy Efficiency Standard
BEES Certification 2008
Blower Door Introduction
Blower Door Testing Certification Workshop
Blueprint Reading Basics
Build America in Alaska
Build America Program: Help for Builders
Building on the Edge: Better Building through Common Sense
Building Science and Technology in the North
Building Science for Dummies
Building the P.E.R.S.I.S.T. House
Caulking the Weathertight Building Envelope
Changes to IRC for 2006
Climate Change Impact on Shelter and Infrastructure in the North
CO - Are You Alarmed: 1-Hour
CO - Are You Alarmed: 2-Hour
Cold Climate Homebuilding: Contractor Residential Endorsement Workshop
Cold Climate Homebuilding: Foundations
Cold Climate Homebuilding: Making Houses Work
Cold Climate Homebuilding: Roofs
Cold Climate Homebuilding: Walls
Construction Planning and Management: Rural Focus
Construction Planning and Management: Urban Focus
Exterior Ventilated Cladding
Flashing/Indoor Air Quality
Flashing: the Naked Truth
Green Building Products
Hand and Power Tool Safety
Health House 1: The Health House Advantage
Health House 2: Building the Health House
Ice Dams and Icicles = Heat Loss
Introduction to Green Building
Introduction to Green Building - 4 hour version
Is Your Garage Making You Sick: House-Garage Connection
Log Homebuilding Design and Techniques: 06-Hour
Log Homebuilding Design and Techniques: 08-Hour
Log Homebuilding Design and Techniques: 16-Hour
Maritime Building Considerations: 1-Hour
Maritime Building Considerations: 2-Hour
Multi-Family Buildings: How are they Different from Single Family Homes
NAHB Green Building Guide Section 1: Introduction and Lot Design, Preparation and Development
NAHB Green Building Guide Section 2: Resource Efficiency
NAHB Green Building Guide Section 3a: Energy Efficiency 1
NAHB Green Building Guide Section 3b: Energy Efficiency 2
NAHB Green Building Guide Section 4: Water Efficiency
NAHB Green Building Guide Section 5: Indoor Environment Quality
NAHB Green Building Guide Section 6: Operation, Maintenance, and Homeowner Education
NAHB Green Building Guide Section 7: Global Impact
NAHB Green Building Guide Section 8: Sustainable Community Development
NAHB Green Building Guidelines Section 2: Resource Efficiency
NAHB Green Building Guidelines: Building Green in Alaska
No Birds Just BEES
Proposed Changes to BEES
Radon Control Strategies for New and Existing Homes
Rating a Log Home
Remote Construction Techniques
Structural Insulated Panel Systems: Preventing Failures
Successful Building Envelopes: 1-Hour
Successful Building Envelopes: 2-Hour
Summer Symposium
Sustainable and Appropriate Shelter Issues for First Nations Peoples
The Business Case for Green Building Development
The Effect Energy has on Building Development
The How’s and Whys of Building Diagnostics
The Nature of Wood: 1-Hour
The Nature of Wood: 2-Hour
The New State of the Art CCHRC Research and Testing Facility
Vinyl Windows in the Arctic
Weatherization Technician 1 Training
Weatherization Technician 2 Training
What’s New in Residential Building Codes
Where Health and Housing Meet

Engineering technologies and engineering-related fields

Water, Buildings, and Architects

Mechanic and repair technologies/technicians

Alternative Energy in Alaska
Boiler Maintenance and Repair
Breathing in Buildings – 3-Hour
Breathing in Buildings - 4-Hour
Complying with Ventilations Requirements of BEES
Energy Programs in Alaska
Energy Retrofit of an Existing Home
Energy, Alternative Energy Systems and Infrastructure
Foundations and Crawl Space Ventilations
Getting to Zero Energy in Alaska Homes
Healthy Air: What You Should Know about the Air You Breathe
Heating and Ventilation Best Practices
Heating System Design Details
Heating Systems for Energy Efficient Homes: 1-Hour
Heating Systems for Energy Efficient Homes: 2-Hour
IAQ - Parking Your Car in the Living Room
Introduction to Radiant Heat
Introduction to Solar Energy Design
Introduction to Solar Thermal Energy
Mold and Moisture in the Healthy House
Of Mold, Moisture and Other Things
Passive Ventilation
Preventing and Solving Air Quality Problems in Homes
Solutions to Preventing Moisture Scare
Ventilation Strategies for Existing Homes
Ventilation Strategies for New Homes
Ventilation System Design and Installation
Ventilation: Understanding ASHRAE 62.2